Guidelines to Follow in Obtaining Information from the Court


Obtaining information from courts at different levels and releasing them shall be in compliance with the guidelines mentioned below:

(a) Bring the Press ID-Card (Reporter Card) to obtain information from the court;

(b) Formally obtain information at a specified place after requesting permission from the relevant Head of Office and making appointment;

(c) Shoot videos and pictures only at a specified meeting room. Do not shoot videos and photographs at the places that are not concerned with the news being obtained;

(d) Do not conduct interviews and obtain information with the clients or parties;

(e) Ask questions only about crimes and criminal proceedings and of procedural matters of the trial, whereas those regarding the merit of the case are not allowed;

(f) Nobody is allowed to conduct interview and/or to obtain information within the campus of the court without the permission of the authority of the Court;

(g) Request prior permission of the Chief of the Court to obtain information by entering into the courtroom;

(h) Do not bring the audio recorders, cameras, and cell-phones into the courtroom where the case is being tried;

(i) Do not shoot videos or photos at the place of criminal proceedings by any means;

(j) Avoid writing the criticism causing the contempt of court and against public justice (fair trial);

(k) Mention the news report of the children involved in the Juvenile Cases only by the permission of the relevant court;

(l) Pay attention to the accuracy and certainty of the news (to be released) before printing and publication;

(m) Promptly resolve publicly at the instance of noticing that an incorrect news has been reported;

(n) Abide by the existing laws, customs and Media Ethics in writing the news;

(o) Do not write news of the statistics, photo records and the documents that are prohibited by a law.


Naypyitaw  April 30

Court Annual Report 2019 (both English and Myanmar versions) was published by the Supreme Court of the Union of Myanmar on 30 April 2020.

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Nay Pyi Taw April 28

Today, the Supreme Court of the Union issued the Insolvency Rules for the effective implementation of the Insolvency Law (2020) under Section 416 (a) of the Law.

There are 10 Parts in the Rules and “The

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Naypyitaw April 21

The 2019 detailed data of Clearance Rate and Time to Disposition for civil suits of the Township Courts in Yangon Region is available as follows:

Myanmar language:

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The Supreme Court of the Union is the superior court of record and has supervisory powers over all courts in the Union and its decisions are binding upon all courts.

The Supreme Court of the Union is doing its best in the fourth year

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Nay Pyi Taw, 20 Febuary 2020

The Supreme Court of the Union today issues the key performance in 2019 and priority actions for 2020.

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