After becoming an independent State, the Supreme Court and High Court were established and courts at different levels were also formed under the Union Judiciary Act, 1948.

On 2nd March 1962, the Revolutionary Council took over the sovereign powers and the judicial system was transformed into the socialist system. The Revolutionary Council abolished the Supreme Court and the High Court and established the Chief Court instead.

Under the 1974 Constitution, the Central court, the State and Divisional courts, the Township courts and the Wards and Village Tracts courts were formed. The salient feature of the then judicial system was the participation of the working people in all levels of courts.

On 26th September 1988, the State Law and Order Restoration Council promulgated the Judiciary Law and formed the courts at different levels and for the administration of justice in the Union of Myanmar. It was subsequently repealed by Judiciary Law, 2000 which was promulgated on the 27th June, 2000 by the State Peace and Development Council, for the promotion of the judiciary, and to revamp the formation of courts.

The present judicial system was adopted  under the 2008 Constitution and Union Judiciary Law 2010.


Nay Pyi Taw, 20 October 2016
  Chief Justice of the Union U Htun Htun Oo received Mr. Mark Silva, Senior Rule of Law and Governance Advisor, the Office of Democracy and Governance, USAID, U.S.Embassy in Yangon at 09:30 in the Meeting Hall of the

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Nay Pyi Taw, 19 October 2016

 Chief Justice of the Union U Htun Htun Oo received Ms. Irene Khan, Director General, and International Development Law Organization-IDLO and her delegation at 09:30 in the Meeting Hall of the Supreme Court of the

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Nay Pyi Taw

17th October 2016

   The Workshop on Court Excellence and Court Dispute Resolution co-organized by the Supreme Court of the Union, the Singapore Ministry of Law and the Singapore Judicial

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Nay Pyi Taw, 26th September 2016

  Discussion on "Formulating an M & E Plan" was held at the Supreme Court of the Union from 26 to 27 September 2016 in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). At the opening

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August 22, 2016 (Monday)

  The Honourable Htun Htun Oo, Chief Justice of the Union, received Lord Neuberger, the President of the UK Supreme Court, at the Supreme Court of the Union at 2 PM this afternoon.

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